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pfsense – Dump Unbound DNS Cache

If you need to wipe out DNS cache for unbound after making DNS changes. Run this in Diagnostics -> Command Prompt

unbound-control -c /var/unbound/unbound.conf dump_cache

pcEgnines APU2/3/4 Firmware / Bios Upgrade in pfsense

SSH into pfsense box

Install Flashrom

pkg install -y flashrom

Get firmware from


Flash firmware

flashrom -p internal -w apu#_v#.#.#.#.rom

Reboot pfsense

pfsense – Speedtest-cli

Quick and dirty speedtest using’s service right on pfSense OS. This wont be most accurate especially on low end devices as the speedtest takes CPU cycles away from NIC interrupts. Best to do this test on client behind the pfsense router.

Install the speedtest-cli package from Diagnostics -> Command Prompt

pfsense Before 2.4.5
pkg install -y py27-speedtest-cli
pfsense 2.4.5
pkg install -y py37-speedtest-cli-2.1.1 
On pfsense 2.5.x
pkg install -y py37-speedtest-cli-2.1.2   
On pfsense 2.6.x
pkg install -y py38-speedtest-cli-2.1.3

Then run speedtest at Diagnostics -> Command Prompt


DD over SSH

I wanted to copy my pfsense disk without taking down the machine. (Moving from 3.5″  to 2.5″ disk for increased power savings)  So I’m using DD and piping it over SSH to my file server. No progress bar but my drive is small.

dd if=/dev/sda | ssh root@freenas "dd of=/backup/pfsense.img"

found out adding ‘bs=4k’ or larger made transfer go little faster

dd if=/dev/sda bs=32k | ssh root@freenas "dd of=/backup/pfsense.img"

I topped out around 200mbit, with my router CPU maxed out. Must be SSH’s encryption overhead.

Credit –
DD Man Page –


Hello World! This will be the most boring post ever. For who ever reads this post, my goal with the website is to store notes, steps on how I solved problems, tips, and other computer related things. There has been many times blogs have shown me the way to fix complicated computer issues. So now on I will try to post every computer issues I have with a solution so maybe I can help someone with the same issue.