pfsense – Speedtest-cli

Quick and dirty speedtest using’s service right on pfSense OS. This wont be most accurate especially on low end devices as the speedtest takes CPU cycles away from NIC interrupts. Best to do this test on client behind the pfsense router.

Install the speedtest-cli package from Diagnostics -> Command Prompt

pfsense Before 2.4.5
pkg install -y py27-speedtest-cli
pfsense 2.4.5
pkg install -y py37-speedtest-cli-2.1.1 
On pfsense 2.5.x
pkg install -y py37-speedtest-cli-2.1.2   
On pfsense 2.6.x
pkg install -y py38-speedtest-cli-2.1.3

Then run speedtest at Diagnostics -> Command Prompt


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