Retired Gaming PC

AMD FX-9370 Room Heater
Asrock 990FX Extreme9 – I Guess PCB handles 90C just fine. Yikes!
4x4GB AMD Performance DDR3-2133. Doesn’t know which NB speed it likes.
ASUS 290x Direct CUII – Destroying my the Ambient temperature.
3x Seagate 600 240GB SSD – Keeps me sane.
2x Seagate 1TB HDDS – Holds the junk I collect at LANparties.
Fractal Design Define S
Corsair RM850 PSU – Damnit fan! Turn on already!
Swiftech H240-X – Damn, how long does it take to bleed the air out!
XPSC 240 Radiator
EK Evo CPU Block
Many BitFenix Spectre Pro 140mm 2000rpm PWM fans
Swiftech PWM splitter <- Awesome.
Idle power usage @ 4.4GHZ 180watts
Idle power usage @ 4.8GHZ 270watts
Load power usage @ 4.4GHZ 500-ish watts
Load Power usage @ 4.8GHZ Ahhh to much heat comes from the my case. I cant breathe.


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