Upgrading Gigabyte MZ31-AR0 to AMI Management Console

I have MZ31-AR0 rev 1.0 motherboard that was on the older AST2500 Vertiv BMC firmware. Although you can download the newer AMI firmware, the update just leaves you non functional BMC. I searched the internet found other individuals with similar issue. I found old gigabyte news post talking about transition from Vertiv to AMI BMC firmware. It had screenshots of the example upgrade and referenced different upgrade script ‘NR_flashall.sh’. Searching the web I found public FTP site which had firmware for different gigabyte motherboard with this NR_flashall64.sh. Inside I found what was missing.

./gigaflash_x64 ../fw/126039.bin -cs 0 -a -2500 -no-reboot

Only difference I can find for the final upgrade string was ‘-no-reboot’. In all previous attempts I’ve powered my system down each and pull the AC plugs to make sure BMC get a full reset. But this time with with ‘-no-reboot’ option, after my cold reset, BMC was alive and kicking with AMI version.

Enjoy the more modern BMC UI.

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