System Specs

(updated 8/25/2015)

Linux Mint Linux + Windows 10 Laptop
ASUS ROG G751 Laptop
Intel Core i7-4710HQ
Geforce GTX 970M
2x8GB DDR3 1600mzh
480GB SanDisk Extreme II
512GB Crucial MX100

Windows 10 Gaming Desktop
ASrock 990FX Extreme9
AMD FX-9370 @ 4.7GHz
Swiftech H240-X + 240 XSPC Radiator + EK EVO CPU Block
16GB RAM @ 2133mzh
3 x 240GB Seagate 600 SSDs
2 x 1TB Seagate 7200rpm
AMD ASUS 290X DirectCU

Home ESXi 6 Server
Supermicro X10SLH-F
Intel E3-1231 v3
32GB DDR3 Kingston ECC
IBM ServeRAID M1015 (flashed with LSI SAS2008 IT firmware)
24 Port Intel SAS Expander (RES2SV240)
11 x 3TB
4 x 320GB
3 x 640GB
1 x 32GB SSD
1 x 250GB OCZ Arc 100
1 x 250GB SanDisk Ultra
4 port Intel i350 Gigabit card

Triple WAN pfSense

Xubuntu 15.04 + Kodi = HTPC
AMD A6-5200 Kabini
ECS KBN-I/5200
NVidia 620
Pioneer SC-1222-K Receiver
Klipsch Synergy F-30’s Fronts, Synergy C-20 Center, ProMedia Rears
Klipsch ProMedia Sub
2x Aura tactile transducers. (aka butt-kickers)

VMware ESXi 5.1 VM Server
Supermicro X9SCL
Intel Xeon E3-1230 V2 (3.3Ghz)
LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260-4i
2 Port Marvell SATA6 PCIe controller
4 x RAID5 74GB WD 10k Raptors -Test VM Storage
4 x 74GB 10K Segate SAS – Main VM Storage
2 x 160GB – Extra VM storage
2 x 1TB RAID 1 for offsite NAS.
Currently Hosting: DNS Servers, Linux webhosting, Teamspeak server, FTP server, video streaming, game servers, and Offsite NAS.

Office PC
Gigabyte GA-MA790GPt-UD3h
AMD Phenom II X4 955 (3.8GHZ)
Crucial M500 480GB


  1. Vidar Sonerud says:


    I was wondering if you flashed the IBM ServeRAID M1015 card using the ASUS M4A785T-M (AMD 785G Chipset) motherboard ?

  2. Vidar Sonerud says:

    Ok, thank you for answering.

    I am planning to upgrade one of my old unRAID servers and I am planning to use an IBM m1015 card flashed with IT-firmware.

    The motherboard for the new unRAID server has not been decided yet, but it would be nice if it could be used for flashing. However, it does not look to good for several of my candidate boards which are Intel chipset B75,H77 or Z77-based.

    Therefore I am trying to find out if any of my old computers may be used. These use the following motherboards/chipsets;

    Epox 9npa+ Ultra (nforce

    • Jason says:

      I don’t see why you would have an issue with flashing the m1015 card any of these boards. Only issue I have had in the past was loading 3 different RAID roms on a desktop motherboard. (AMD 785 Raid rom, Highpoint 2300 Controller, and the m1015). All I had to do was disable motherboard chipset raid and I was good to go. Good Luck!
      My only warning to you is with my setup (Nas4Free-FreeBSD 9 and m1015 in IT mode) Power saving and disk spindown is not fully supported. I use special idle script to power down the drives on a hourly interval.
      Good Luck.

  3. Vidar Sonerud says:

    Epox 9npa+ ultra (nforce4 ultra)
    Asus P5e-vm-hdmi (Intel g45)
    Gigabyte GA-MA785G-D3H (AMD 785G)

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